Thursday, June 14, 2012

<< it's been a wild week ....>>

To say it's been a wild week is quite honestly putting it mildly.. the even crazier part, it's only thursday.
Our adventures began on Sunday, when our sweet pup Biscuit opted to chew his feet into raw oblivion thanks to his mites returning in full force. A rather expensive trip to the vet later and he is feeling better and looking like this :

Next up on this short week of crazy is a super wonderful good thing. Our stubborn daughter Ruby finally decided she wanted to use the potty full time. This is huge news in our house, to conquer the giant that is this 3 year olds need to keep all things the same feels like the largest triumph of all time.
And of course, she is super excited to be a big girl  :

And the real kicker in our week.. because let me tell you my friends it's honestly the most insane thing of all time. The other night we had a special celebratory dinner for our potty trained girl, and in the middle of it we were interrupted by two cops who needed to inspect our house because it was rumored we were growing weed. Yes, I kid you not, this happened. Harvey was unfazed by the police presence in the house, so much so that he just kept eating his chimichanga like nothing was going on. Of course the cops found nothing, and proceeded to apologize because it seemed like such an error for them to even be at our house. So yesterday we went to the police department to find out what in the heck was going... turns out that some fella that lives in a nearby street runs a little grow operation away from home, decided to mail a package to himself containing his goods and for kicks used our address as a decoy. See, we have a super friendly mailman who makes it a point to meet the neighborhood, learn our names, and tells us all that if something goes to the wrong house he will make sure it reaches who it needs to. Apparently this man had gotten that earful too. Well the police intercepted the package, saw the address, and wanted to make sure we weren't the grow operation.
Pretty lovely huh?

Needless to say I am beyond ready for the weekend!

Hope you all are having a relatively calm week ~


  1. First: GO RUBY!!! Such a big step.

    Second: Holy crap are you kidding me?!?! Cops on a pot sting. I would be checking for friends in on some joke in the bushes if that happened to me!

    Hope this week gets better!

  2. Dave seriously laughed at the cop when he said why he was at our house ... utterly crazy. but hey it makes for a darn good story to share!

    thanks lady, hope your week and weekend are super!