Hello, I'm Logan and I am the designer, maker, and behind the scenes baby wrangler of Sweet and Dirty's. 

The story goes like this .... 

I grew up in the most lovely spot around in East Tennessee, headed off to college, met a handsome fella in a figure drawing class, won him over with my fancy karaoke skills, graduated with a BFA in painting, married that fella, and had us some sweet babies. 

I suppose I tell you those things because I find that they go hand in hand with all that is Sweet and Dirty's. I wouldn't neccessarily be doing what I am now if those events hadn't all transpired. 

The fella is who pushed me to sew ... partly because he was tired of hearing my constant frustration and complaints about the store bought item, and mostly because he is my biggest supporter. 

Sewing ended up going hand in hand with where my whole creative process was heading. At the time I was in school, making large scale fiber paintings from vintage fabric. I felt that sewing was just an extension of that, in that it allowed for me to make functional art 

Every item in here is one of a kind. I honestly can't bring myself to sew two of one item. There is something so refreshing in knowing you have a unique piece. I also only use vintage and recycled materials, so that lends itself quite nicely to the whole one of a kind aspect. I thoroughly enjoy giving new life to forgotten fabrics, and seeking them out makes for a super fun time. 

In short, Sweet and Dirty's was born out of my love of sewing. It has allowed me to stay home and raise my sweet little Ruby and Harvey Jack and soon to be here Gus Oliver... and I am constantly thankful for a husband who supports and pushes me in doing what I love. 

Oh and because folks always ask ... the name itself comes from nicknames given to my husband and I from our friends. Of course the reason for those names is a story in itself .. so I will just leave it at that.

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