Monday, June 18, 2012

: home :

After the adventures of the last week we opted for a pretty low key weekend. Our car decided it didn't want to work so that was quite helpful in keeping us put at home. The kids played outside, I stitched my first hoop, and the husband designed a porch swing for the house. Yesterday I made a big ol southern home cooked meal for the menfolk, my dad and husband, which consisted of fried chicken, green beans, slaw, potatoes and pear pie. Needless to say the remaining hours of our weekend were spent feeling far too full and resting on the couch.

(ruby drew this apple today .. i thought it was pretty darn fancy so I threw it on here .. she's only 3 )


  1. yay for hoop stitching!!

    y'alls house is adorable. love it.

    and ruby did a spectacular job! I love those happy apples, I have one stored away in case I have a little one who'll need it for sure.

  2. thsnks dear! i've been wanting to stitch for a long time.. and it's a perfect thing for me to do while the kids are playing outside!

    oh and the happy apple, it's the best .. sweetest sounding toy around :)