Thursday, November 3, 2011


oh halloween... you are so fun.
The kids had an awesome day, as did Dave and I. Ruby did her own take on Rapunzel and Harvey went as a pirate (he was going to be Ron Swanson, but he wouldn't keep the mustache on, which is super crucial to that entire costume.. so we went with the outfit I found on a clearance rack last year for 3.50).
I let Ruby dress me up how she wanted... according to Dave I looked like a Scooby Doo character.
The kids went door to door trick or treating for the first time, which was hilarious... Ruby was in amazement that each house was giving her candy. The best was we actually went to a dentist's house who gave toothpaste. All in all it was a great evening... and I am in the process of gaining an extra five pounds thanks to the candy Harvey can't eat.

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