Monday, October 31, 2011

yep... so its been a month....

shew.... just call me the blog slacker.
Its been insanity around my neck of the woods lately. I've been busy sewing up orders that are headed to three storefronts, and I still have another to do this week. In the midst of that the kids were kicked in the tail by the recent cold weather..  lots of tissues, meds, pixar movie marathons, and apple juice later they have recovered to an astounding, full throttle energy level of kid function.
Those things there have kept me kinda occupied ... so today heralds my return to some kind of normalcy... well actually I'll say tomorrow, since today is Halloween and I have a Rapunzel and short pirate to tend to. 
I have lots to post this week in regards to the stores who carry Sweet & Dirty's now, a recent fun day in Chattanooga, new goodies headed to stores and the shop, and of course a Halloween montage.

I'll leave you all today with a favorite of my favorites... getting into the Halloween stash of course.

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