Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've been super busy lately trying to figure out inventory for the holiday season. When doing my recent festival I opted to make a wide array of items.. mainly so I could see what was a hit, and what was a miss. It was pretty darn helpful.. and gave me two new additions to the shop.
Before my husband left his last job he scored me lots of awesome faux leather fabric samples, a bunch of tiny squares in an array of colors that have turned into a collection of abstract pins. I found people liked them a lot in Bristol, and it sure doesn't hurt that they aren't bank busters either.

I figure they were worth trying out in the shop .
Aside from bags, the most purchased item at the festival were my fabric remnant scarves. I actually had some in my etsy shop last year at Christmas time, and after they sold I just didn't make anymore.. not sure why. But I got the hankering to sew some recently, and turns out they sold like hotcakes... so ta-da, they are back. At the moment I've only got one to list.. because I sold the others .. but be looking out for a lot more to come soon. Not only are they fun, but making them and bloom pins really allows me to use up every little piece of fabric I have. So yay for fabric control.

okay that was a lot of rambling for today.
happy hump day all ~

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