Monday, November 21, 2011

turkey day Sale!

It's been lovely here lately (insert sarcasm)...
we've all been dealing with a little seasonal sickness.. and having two small kids means germs travel at warp speed in this house. However, I do believe all has passed and we are all moving toward this super amazing holiday season that awaits us.

My husband, myself, and the kids are all piling into a car this week and making a 9hour drive to Pittsburgh for turkey day. .. please wish us luck. Harvey has proven time and time again to not be a good traveler, so if anything we will have plenty of laughable stories to share afterwards. It'll all be worth it though.

So in preperation for my upcoming absence from the shop for 5 whole days I have decided to run FREE SHIPPING in the shop starting today until November 28th... just enter code SWEETHOLIDAY at checkout. Since I'm going to be away all items will ship on the 29th.

oh, and here is to wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving .. love this day.

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