Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I haven't blogged in a bit, so I have lots to update you folks on... actually three posts worth. September has been a wild ride of a month for us, granted we knew it would be, but to start it off a giant curve ball was thrown in our direction ... we lost our sweet Mazoo girl.
Mazoo was our dog child, a little muttly mix of border collie and chow.. which meant lots of fluff and attitude. She was stubborn and smart, the two combined into a powerful combo of hilarity. Always there, and full of love for her parents (sorry kids, she didn't quite like you as much) she was the best dog you could ask for. She was Dave's sole companion for 5years til I came along and took on the role of mama. Mazoo was 13, and passed away with us by her side .. love her.

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