Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvey Jack's Birthday . . .

Little Harvey Jack turned 1 this past weekend...
It's craziness to think he's been here a full year now, and I've honestly loved every single second of it... even the super crappy, sleep deprived, can't keep food down first 4 months of Harvey's existence. Is it silly to actually miss the smell of spit up?
His big day was Friday so we took Harvey out for some super delicious, local, made from scratch pizza .. yum.  Some outside play followed and then we came home and let him practice his cupcake eating skills for Saturday. He mastered it for the party, hands down. 
We had us a shindig two hours up the road, so it would be close to friends and family. In the end it was a huge hassle, a whole lot of work, and a super disappointing turnout (no children came.. at all). But we did learn us a good lesson.. parties at home rock, so that will be how we tackle those from now on.
Oh well. Regardless, Harvey was oblivious to it all, yay for being 1, and he had himself a fancy, family and "family" filled day. He was hugged a crazy lot, loved a ton, and in rather big boy news he tackled the slide all on his own .. growing like a weed that one.

the last two images, new kicks and something to make my husband happy.. Harvey's first Steelers toy (both courtesy of Uncle Matt and Aunt Hey).

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