Tuesday, September 20, 2011

rhythm and roots

The family survived the weekend festival... I'll go ahead and throw that one out there first. What was supposed to be a nice, yet busy, weekend of selling my items turned into a train wreck of craziness that I must say I am glad to be done with.
The husband and I ended up having to tag team babysit / work a booth for three days .. luckily Dave had a place to take Harvey so he could nap, but Ruby was deadset on staying by my side the entire time. Having to keep a two-year old from cracking during 12hr days is not what I would call ideal. We did manage to have some booth help in the form of friends, love you guys, and Ruby had some kids to keep her company on Saturday afternoon (yay). But to add up being 2hrs from home, the money that went into the festival, the stress that was involved in prep and just being there.. it wasn't quite worth it this go around. Ah well, at least I got some good pictures out of it all :

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