Saturday, May 7, 2011

slacker dacker doo

oh i am the slacker of all blog slackers.
it's been a rather interesting time lately... so my mind has trailed off from this.
harvey has been cutting teeth for what feels like forever, even though he's been miserable for only a week... a really long week for the both of us. ruby is working on conquering her toilet fear... which has to happen because this two in diapers business, no thank you. there have been birthdays and random celebrations galore.. so needless to say the blog and shop have fallen by the wayside.

the good part to all this distraction is that it has given me the opprotunity to really evaluate the shop and get myself a good list of changes i need to make in order to make it more successful, and make me happier about it all too :)  thankfully i have a wonderful husband who sat down with me last weekend, a bottle of wine and lots of conversation later i laid out a nice new plan of attack. so look for lots of changes ahead.. from bigger & better bags, to the return of bloom pins (yay - i've missed them), and some special new additions!

In the meantime i need to clean house... so the shop is in crazy clearance mode, and i'm running free shipping until May 10th. oooh and also I have a super sweet website and entire image/logo makeover coming very soon, yay for good friends.

alrighty so happy weekend folks..
i will leave you with some sweetness!

 harvey as jessie
dill pickles, biscuits, and a cheese sandwich.. ruby is such a little southern girl


  1. I heard about your new website/logo redo (but was banned from seeing anything!) and I am so excited to see it!!


  2. me too! i do believe all is a go come september :)