Monday, April 18, 2011

handsome harvey....

had to share this sweet little face....
happy monday everyone...

Dr. Sanderson:  Think carefully, Dowd. Didn't you know somebody, sometime, someplace by the name of Harvey? Didn't you ever know anybody by that name?
Elwood P. Dowd:  No, no, not one, Doctor. Maybe that's why I always had such hopes for it.


  1. I seriously don't mean to comment on EVERY SINGLE POST but I love Jimmy Stewart so much, so so much.

    And little Harvey is cute!

    Maybe I'll not comment next time. (smile)


  2. you can comment as much as you like dear!

    we love jimmy too... he is dave's numero uno..hence harvey's name :)

    oh and your avett experience ~ good lord honey i would have passed out!

    hope you are well!