Thursday, April 7, 2011

getting settled... with fine music and greasy food....

ooh goodness i am in springtime heaven...
we have moved into a neighborhood that is full of dogwoods (and apparently on a trail that people take to look at all of them) so it is utterly glorious outside right now. Harvey is napping at the moment, so i thought i would do this right quick before we descend upon the outdoors with buckets of sidewalk chalk...

we are having a wonderful time in our new home. this past weekend we took the kids to the rhythm and blooms festival and danced ourselves silly to the sounds of Robinella and the CC stringband (who reunited for a hot minute to sing lots and lots of wonders - 'islands in the stream' and 'jackson' were covered)...we went and ate heaven on a plate at Litton's - and by heaven i mean a greasy bacon covered burger with homemade onion rings, sweet tea, and a honkin piece of key lime pie. I have craved that pie ever since, but in perfect timing my birthday is soon ( 29 - eek! ) and i have been promised another slice for the occasion, thank you husband of mine :)

in other exciting news Harvey has cut two teeth now - woohoo - the poor child has recently turned to the dark side with his mouth hurting, so seeing those teeth gives me hope that all that will end soon, or at least until the next ones decide to show up. oh and Ruby has become super obsessed with all things related to 'Tangled' - all the songs are what have now filled my head.... particularly this one , oh and your welcome :)

I'm still trying to get a good routine going in this house with sewing... it's slowly improving - i've made four bags this week, which is the most i've made in a weeks time since we packed it up. Hopefully I will be back in full swing and running the shop super swell like here real soon.

Anyhoo.. the sunshine is calling... and as much as i should stay inside and work, i can't turn down the option of playing out there instead.
happy rest of the week and weekend everyone!


  1. what a lovely time you had!
    basically anything covered in bacon is heaven.


  2. it was ~ knoxville is oh so lovely...
    and yes, bacon is necessary to survival :)
    hope you are well!