Monday, March 28, 2011

it's about time...

it's been awhile folks. pardon my neglect on here and in  my shop .... all that is about to change though, so yay!  We are finally moved... unpacked no, but moved yes. It's been a crazy week of still wondering why we have so much stuff, getting the kids accustomed to a new house, harvey crawling for the first time and cutting his first tooth (which is just awesome for moving purposes might i add), learning where all the places to get the goods are, and on top of that just doing our day to day routine... which is slightly off still due to the time change.  All that said and done I am ready to get back to work... this time off has really given me the opprotunity to reevaluate my shop and sewing - and i must say i am so excited for the next couple of months ahead.
I have a wonderful website that is in the works... I am switching my entire shop focus to bags of all sizes... and I am getting ready to sell my things in a storefront in Indiana. For the moment my biggest challenge is trying to find the best spot in this new house to take my pictures... I have yet to find it. anyhoo.. here is a little photo montage of what has been going on...


  1. selling in a store?! that is so awesome!
    also, i looove that kitchen table and green chairs. Love it.
    (and I saw some Michele Pictures! yay!) (smile)

    we tried to paint a room at my sisters house this weekend and keeping the Shelbster busy and happy and trying to work was interesting. all that to say, good luck unpacking and such.

  2. i know! i am so so excited - it's called The Dandy Lion :)
    thanks, the table was a hand me down and we found the chairs at a thrift store, all 5 for 20bucks!
    ooh and yes ~ we have your pictures in our kitchen, rubys room, and living room :)

    it's definitely interesting moving/unpacking with kids - i swear the first few days were made of me getting things setup then ruby demolishing it... ah gotta love the little ones :)