Tuesday, March 1, 2011

we have a home - -

well folks the search is over....
we found a house.
this takes a huge weight off my shoulders.  i had lost my packing momentum for a while, because it seems silly to pack and have nowhere to take it, but now we do.... and it is the cutest little piece of 1940's home pie!
i will have to post pictures when we get to getting down there... we still have some things to finish here for the moment, but in two weeks time we will have a new home. a home that comes with arched doorways, thick wood trim all around, and built ins galore - all this makes my heart happy. i do believe one thing i was the most excited about is the fact i will finally have a dining room - not some corner in the kitchen - and not only that but the room also has a built in china cabinet, yeehoo! i have my parents old wedding china i have long wanted to put out, and never had the space for it.... so let me repeat.. heart happy!
all this has put a strain on my shop upkeep. so i apologize for how slowly it is being restocked ... trust me once i get settled i will sew like a madwoman... because, yep, i get my own sewing room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- i'm not sure if that is even enough exclamation points on that one.
so in the meantime i am finishing up the last of my custom orders... making a couple of new bags and pins.. then i will be busy unpacking and decorating all new wall space.
however don't fret, the shop will remain open!
happy week everyone.
oh and because it is funny...
ken suffered a tragic event at our house this week...


  1. yay!!!!!!!!
    that house sounds amazing!

  2. i know i am so excited!
    it's super cute... and super cheap.. double win :)
    dave is excited because it is near the best burger joint in town...
    i will post some photos when we get settled.
    hope that SC is treating you kind!