Monday, May 16, 2011

busy days ahead....

morning all...

It's about to get super busy in my neck of the woods.
I just found out this past weekend that i got accepted into Bristol's Rhythm and Roots Festival... which made my weekend all the sweeter. It's my absolute favorite place to vend....i missed it last year (harvey arrived only two weeks prior, so i was slightly busy)... so it will be oh so nice to be there again this September. As far away as that seems, it always has a way of sneaking up on me really quick like... so i am getting ready to enter heavy production mode.  But at the end of it all i get to set back, sell what i love, and hear the sweet sounds of super amazing music... not too shabby :)

in other news... we gave ruby our old camera... so she has been going all around taking pictures of her day to day. it's wonderful to see the world from a 2year olds eyes...
here are a few of my favorites she took (they will be framed soon and on the walls in the house)

happy week everyone :)

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  1. She is a super star already!
    I love, love these.