Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas and the machine....

we survived christmas.
ruby was showered with plastic high heels (which are hilarious to see her in), yo gabba gabba goodness, and a new found toy story obsession... while harvey was happy to have anything that made sound near his face... trust me christmas is better with kids :)
we ate a lot, visited family, and got that long awaited for white christmas we'd been wanting. 
my husband and i etsy'ed each other up with super nice gifts... he got a wonderful hoodie from blackbird tees (awesome awesome awesome giant squid)
and he got me these lovelies from oliviaclare ( that have ruby and harvey's birthstones in them (sweetest of the sweet)

and now we are recuperating from it all... trying to find room in our tiny house (which never seemed tiny until we had two kids and two kids things in it) for all of it.

the holidays also took a huge toll on my inventory.. which is wonderful... but means i need to get my butt in gear and sit at my machine for a good month straight. my stock has dwindled and needs some refreshing so i have been making myself busy at that. new mens hats, a sassy little purse that i had been wanting to make for awhile...
and several custom orders that are in varying stages of completion. i am pretty excited about one in particular, a little girls coat themed after thoreau's 'walden'... a wonderful customer with a fabulous idea.. can't wait to finish it up.... photos will be coming next week. and in other exciting shop news.. i am only 5 sales away from hitting 100.. woohoo. i have decided that whomever is my 100th customer they will be showered with many a thank you gift.

ah.. i had better get to gettin. the little ones are napping and this is precious time in my house.
happy week and new year!

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