Tuesday, December 21, 2010

making, pushing, and wishing....

that time of year is upon us again.. lots of love and fun and all that good stuff. i am looking forward to seeing the little lady rip into her gifts (because last year she was too small) and well, harvey can keep trying to roll over while it's all going on :)
i have a small list of things i still have to make by friday... and if i dont stop procrastinating there will be some gift-less people in my family.....so i need to light a fire under that....
in etsy news...
i am taking a little break.. and by little i mean til sunday.. on sewing for the shop. but i am really looking forward to what i will be new starting next week. there is this stack of old weavings i did in college.. yep, weaved on that big ol' loom of yesteryear...that i am finally going to let myself cut into for bags. i've been hesitant for so long, because i am bad about hanging onto things... but it is time and i am looking forward to what they will become.
i have also been trying to encourage my husband to get his own etsy shop up and running.. because he is a pretty darn talented fellow... with some crazy good prints and paintings. as you can see....
i will be sure to let all know if he gives in to the etsy push.

anyhoo.. i wish everyone a happy holiday... hope you've been good this year!


  1. That man of yours is pretty talented! (smile)

    We realized at Christmas party this weekend that Shelby has, oh, about zero interest in unwrapping presents. She would love if you would feed her something though, any food will do. THAT is one holiday something she is into.

    I did my first big batch of sewing for Christmas this year, I'm pretty proud to hand it out.


  2. thanks sweetie!

    haha.. ruby didnt get it either last year.. she actually got made at us for tearing the paper. oh well.. kids are hilarious like that!

    and yay on sewing things! its so nice to give gifts like that -- you feel good and other do too!

    and merry christmas to you too :)

  3. You both are so talented!!I love your brooches.thanks for heart on my cherry time shop ;)

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And Congratulations on your new little one! I really love your husband's work, I would buy something of his for our apartment. :)

  5. thanks ladies!
    vesna - thank you! i love your shop, wonderful!

    lesleyanne - thanks so much, the new little one is wonderful :) and i will tell the husband to get busy making! merry christmas and happy new year to you too!