Monday, June 24, 2013

:: a shop break, growing kids, and new things on the horizon ::

Yikes! It has been over a month since I was on here.... I think time gets away much too easily anymore!

I have taken quite a break from sewing and updating...  and with good reason.
Ruby is going to start school next fall .. sweet Harvey will follow the next year... and there has been talk of Gus being our last little one. So this all comes down to wanting to be with them and soak up all the baby, toddler, kid-ness that I can.
This is why the shop is being sidelined for a brief moment.
I am actually seeing this break as a good thing. It's giving me time to refocus and time to gather new ideas... so it's rather exciting! For the next two months I am going to continue this little break from the machine and relaunch the shop in September. It will be a shop full of newness, a shop with a good direction, and a shop I will be proud of.
In the meantime I am putting what is left in stock on major markdown... so head over that way and check out how kind I am being to wallets! >>> shop link <<<<

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