Thursday, February 16, 2012

fancy new machine!

Hey folks!
It's been rather eventful over this way recently.. in the midst of unpacking Dave, Ruby, and Harvey were all sidelined by a super crazy stomach bug. The funniest story from said sickness had to go to Ruby projectile vomitting banana in Harvey's ear, and in true Harvey fashion he found it utterly hilarious.
Well now that I have shared that with you, I will let you all in on my exciting news... I got a new machine.. yay! I splurged a little and settled on a Heavy Duty Janome.. isn't she lovely? (thanks tax return)

I'm headed out this weekend to thrift for some new fabrics.. and in the meantime I've been reading up on dyeing... pretty exciting stuff is ahead my friends.

Also I have added some "new" bags and they are all a part of the SUPER SALE in the shop  .. they are older stock but were residing in a storefront that has recently shutdown.

that's all the rambling i've got for today..
happy thursday all!


  1. oh good. now i don't feel so guilty about not being able to get that machine from georgia yet!