Friday, August 19, 2011

sweet Harvey, sewing, and the Everybodyfields...

Well it's that time of year where I'm about to enter into heavy production mode. I've spent the past little bit getting my house super clean and my fabric super organized... this all leads up to long dates with my sewing machine. If everything around me is in order then I don't feel to bad about the mess I make in my little corner.
Rhythm and Roots is 27 days away (eek!) and I have a super sweet spot where I will be able to sell and listen to the most wonderful sounds all the day long. There are so many bands I can't wait to see, that being said,  I am most looking forward to The everybodyfields reunion that is going to be taking place.... Johnson City at it's finest.

Aside from Rhythm and Roots I've got etsy holiday season to prep for... so lots o' sewing ahead!

But first and foremost I've got a little man about to turn one next week... Harvey Jack is getting to be a big boy for sure...

isn't he just the sweetest?

Happy Friday Folks!

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