Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sweet music...

okay.. so i love music...who doesn't?  but lately it has weened itself out of my life... i've been engulfed in toy story, yo gabba gabba, and on and on...
but enter this week
so far it has been quite musical in my house.
we had a grammy filled sunday evening... apparently ruby is a justin beiber fan - she danced the entire time he was on - sigh.....
i on the other hand was excited about seeing my sweet, wonderful Avett Brothers ( they did not disappoint ) and i was so happy to find a new bad, Mumford and Sons ( late to the game on that one)... rule of thumb in my house - if a stand up bass is nearby then good music will abound.
Beginning yesterday I googled the heck out of my new discovery and found myself in a blissful situation  listening to the  NPR tiny desk concert series ... a combination of two of my favorites, NPR and music - double love. Now i have this little collection of new to me bands and tried and trues  that i have played all the live long day... so i will share them with you.. .because i like to think you all might like to hear them too :)


  1. Some of my favorites!!! (And I can't wait to listen to the ones I don't know...)
    All I can ever think when I see that Murder in the City video is how awesome those beards are. (smile)