Thursday, February 17, 2011

notes for future generations.. and oh yeah i'm sewing...

a sweet teaser dose of spring has hit my neck of the woods... and i couldn't be happier.
i am able to wear a sun dress today ( they make me oh so happy ), the kids are barefoot, and my windows are open...  now if it would only stay this way.

i've been sewing up new bags all week long...  which has been lovely... and we have also set a move date ( two weeks from saturday)...

so look for new things coming soon in the shop ...
and i will be looking forward to a new home..

here is a little something we left for the next ones who get our house ...
it's the underside of the mantle my husband built for the fireplace surround ....see below...(he built that too)
(sidenote- this is a super clean stripped down version of our living room for selling purposes)

the idea for the little note came from whomever built our house... when we were removing the wall heaters we found under the walls a little note that said "hello 2000" - from 1950. it was such a fun find we had to carry the tradition on ourselves.

have a happy rest of the week folks! 


  1. Your fireplace is gorgeous! You and Dave are so talented! who is your house listed with?

  2. aw thank you :)
    we are listed with Property Executives...
    we hate having to leave the house, but bigger and better things are ahead we think :)