Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lack of time..

and now about that daily making of things ...

so far so good on the creating end.. yay.. however what is getting difficult is getting around to taking pictures of them all everyday ~ so that being said i have decided i will do a blog post on every sunday to showcase what all i made for that week. seven lovely photos all grouped together.
it will make it all much easier for me that way :)

i am the kind of picture taker who needs the right time of day to make things look swell .. maybe i need to invest in some kind of setup so i am not always watching the clock and sun for the appropiate lighting time...
because as of now the back wall in my little dining nook looks best around 9am.. or 5pm...  and i am starting to worry about when we get to painting that kitchen how i will lose my neutral backdrop ( i like my kitchens in crazy colors - can't help it). oh well.
as i waste time jibber jabbering about silliness... i could be sewing.
see you guys on sunday.. when i hope to be more interesting!

something this boring needs to end with a dose of cuteness...
harvey jack says hey peoples...


  1. He is TOO cute! Look at those cheeks! :)

  2. thank you ~ he certainly isnt hurting in the eating department :)