Monday, January 24, 2011

big changes ahead...

well all that 'making something everyday for the rest of the year'.. that's going to have to go on hold for a bit. I did manage to get around to three new bags last week (yep, only three)...

the reason for all the 'on hold' business.. we are getting ready to move.
The past week at my house has been full of discussion, weighing out options, figuring next steps, and lots of planning. In the end though, this is the best possible thing for all of us. The job market around here is tapped out, and luckily (hopefully) my husband can transfer his job to its sister branch.... not to mention we are beginning to sink under the weight of our house ( thanks crappy last job that decided to lay the husband off ). So here we are beginning the tedious process of trying to sell a home, pack up all our stuff... and trust me we got lots of it, not like hoarder lots, but pretty close im sure...  and relocate with two small kiddos and one stubborn pup, mazoo you know it's true. 
That all being said, making something everyday has dropped off the list of my top priorities for now.. til we get settled. Now when that happens i will plan on picking up my 365 days extravaganza of sewing and whatnot.. but in this moment.. i've got some packing and cleaning to do.
wish me luck!
happy week all ...


  1. Those are some super-cute bags!

    Best of luck with finding a new place and moving! I last moved 13 years ago, and since I had been living in a NYC apartment, I had very little stuff. So I can only *imagine* the organizing and packing you have ahead of you. I hope it all goes as easily as possible, L.

  2. thanks so much :)
    it is going to be a process.. when we got this house we were excited about all the attic/basement storage.. and in this moment not so much now!

  3. If you are moving to Greenville, SC I'll be thrilled. I'd love to have friends there!

    And moving will wear you right out. Promise.


  4. aw ~ i do love it down there!
    we are headed to knoxville.. not too far.. but far enough to be a hassle :)
    i've never moved with two kids, so this should be interesting!

  5. The bags all turned out really cute!