Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ruby doodles

oh happy wednesday.... how you feel like you should be friday. but whatever. 
it has been horribly cold here, as in 19degrees as a daytime temperature, so wrong. But being held captive indoors has allowed me to befriend my sewing machine this week. As usual it all depends on the cooperation of my kiddos, and this week has been superb compared to the past few. All it takes is some markers and paper to make em happy.
ruby has began drawing faces and characters.... they are pretty darn awesome for my little almost two year old. here are a few :

she's so fancy :)
sweet harvey jack is finally learning that he cannot be held from morning to night (no matter how much i love it, and he loves it....nothing gets done).  He has recently discovered how to use his hands to make things happen, so for a four month old that is endless entertainment. granted ruby and harvey still need me lots during the day, and who am i kidding.. i need them lots too....but being able to make a few items here and there sure feels good. so here's to sewing, making, and creating... with sweet little ones in tow.


  1. Hey! I'm glad you posted something on fb about this here blog. =)

  2. thanks!
    i thought i would give blogging a go.. afterall i figure why not :)