Thursday, December 9, 2010

handmade makes me happy

one of my favorite parts of the featured seller interviews on etsy is when they ask the sellers what there most favorite handmade possession is. it's amazing to read what has been passed down or made for everyone, and it emphasizes why spending money just isnt as special as some time and love put into something special.

my husband and i have always been the gift givers who have set rules for each other, they usually involve not spending over 20dollars on one another or making it from scratch.
over the past eight years i have accumulated so many lovelies...from jewelry he has made to super fantastical sewing scissors that i will use from now until forever... to the sweet vintage ruby stick pin i got one christmas right before we had our own ruby. ladies and gentlemen, my husband is a good gift giver, whether he realizes it or not, no matter how much he stresses out about it, because he does... he is good at it.
Seven christmases ago he kinda outdid himself for the years to come... it was our first, and showing off his attentive skills he made me the best gift i have ever received. When i was a wee one my prized possession was my green sprite doll (rainbow brite - woo). he met a rather unfortunate end, along with lots of other loved items ... from books to dolls to many a vintage avon collectors item (thanks granny kate). now i dont want anyone to get the wrong idea of some grown ups who will remain nameless, so i will just spare the details of how they all went away (it is rather tragic for a former 9year old to remember seeing her dolls in trash piles). but anyhoo... my sweet now husband took note and made this for me from the remains of an old teddy bear he dyed green and with lots of love and sewing...

our daughter plays with him now and showers him with kisses. so if etsy ever decides to ask me what handmade item i love most i will share this guy with everyone... him and some ruby doodles and hopefully harvey ones too.....


  1. This is sooooo sweet.
    I hope etsy asks you what your favorite handmade item is one day, you so deserve it!