Friday, November 19, 2010

long time no post...
this is the most neglected thing in my life i do believe. it honestly doesnt cross my mind to do until too late in the evening, or sometimes just not at all....but realizing that i need to keep up with it, i have decided to make time for it weekly. so  here goes, the first of many blog posts.

a lot has changed since my last one. i now have a little fella to keep up with :) and my little lady is a rambling about everything almost two year old. as for my sewing i have ventured into making a lot more things for my etsy shop... hats, scarves, etc. which are fun to make and a welcome break from bags and pins. ruby (the almost two year old) is beyond interested in my sewing....

as you can see the accessories are what gets her attention most... such a girl.

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