Tuesday, May 25, 2010

good morning :)

today is my first official work day.... since i have been having some trouble lately with being able to sew (maybe it had something to do with the small little girl throwing herself crying at my feet everytime i turned on my machine?) i am now getting a 'sewing day' every tuesday. ruby gets papaw time, and i get to make a few things...and help keep my etsy shop up and running...because lord knows here lately it had began to ween with lack of new items!

so i suppose tuesdays will be my day to blog and update.... it's odd, i almost don't know where to begin because i am so used to my daily routine i've had for the past 16months. but it will come together soon. alrighty.. first order of business.....being able to take a shower!

have a happy day and week everyone.

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