Wednesday, March 24, 2010

well.. here i am 2 months since the last post.
all is quite hectic in my neck of the woods... the husband has a new job... i have an ever-growing belly...and the little one is walking all over the house. so i am behind, yet again.

but i am getting into the swing of our new schedule and am now making it a point to make time for this.

in the meantime i have reorganized all my fabric lately so i can commence sewing on a much grander, and less frustrating scale. ive been busy making custom orders for friends... so the shop hasnt seen much added to it in a bit. however, starting this coming week new items are going to rolling in quite regularly....
so look forward to a more productive blog... and shop...
happy spring everyone....
til next time...
oh and here is shot of why ive been so busy lately....


  1. Hello again!! Nice to see you back in the blogging world, but completely understand! I have a very close cousin and friend who is also expecting her second child with a 2 year old! Very cute new vintage shop, and great idea!

    Good luck in all your preparations and with your shops!

  2. and hello to you too! oh how time is so precious these days :)
    and thanks...ive got to start doing something with the things i keep bringing home!
    hope spring is treating you kind!