Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow..snow..and more snow...

as much as i enjoy it from time to time, i must say i am ready for it all to go away. i do believe i am beginning to go stir crazy. really there are only so many days in a year meant for living in your pajamas and watching movie upon movie.. dont get me wrong, i love those days when they present themselves... but i feel like i have had a month of them. i am in need of spring and all things green..... i have to keep telling myself it is closer rather than not.

so in honor of being stuck inside with the cold weather blues i have decided to share my most favorite soup recipe that cures all....
Chickpea Soup
1 tbs veg. oil
1 lrg. onion
2 zuchinni diced
1 can chickpeas w/ liquid
2 cans chopped tomatoes w/ liquid
3/4C dry white wine
3tbs melted butter
1tsp Garlic (although i am guilty of adding more)
1tsp Basil
1 Bay leaf
1C heavy cream
1C mont. jack cheese
1/2C romano

*preheat oven 400
*heat oil in saucepan over med. heat, saute onion
*in baking dish combine onion, zuch., chickpeas, tomatoes, wine, butter, garlic, basil, and bay
*cover and bake for 30min
*uncover, stir, and bake 30min more
*add heavy cream and cheese, mix, and bake 10minutes

enjoy! its so good, i promise :)

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