Saturday, November 14, 2009

okay.. so i have been slacking..
i am promising to myself that i am from here on out i'm going to be a better blogger..
once a week shouldn't be that hard should it?

i do have some exciting news though! i was fortunate to be selected by a fellow etsian to be the featured artist on her blog... this just made my week. so i recommend both her etsy shop...
and her blog...
thank you so much lesley!

and in upcoming 'come and see us' news.. we will be at the Big Crafty in Asheville on December 6th...

alrighty then.. i am cutting this entry short.. i've got a small one who is 10months old today and it is a wonderful 70degrees outside.. so computer i say adios to you today..


  1. Thank you for the plug!! I hope you've gotten lots of lovely sales lately, and it looks like you have!! Happy 10 months to your little one! Have fun getting ready for your craft show, I'm doing one myself on Dec. 13th!! My first. :) I need to update my blog more often too, phew.

  2. you are more than welcome! sales have picked up.. which is always a super nice surprise! good luck to you on the craft show venture.. this is only my 4th and everytime i figure out something that would work better for setup.. so im guessing in about 5yrs maybe i'll get it right :)
    its hard to remind yourself to blog...when i usually remember too im typically too tired to do it!