Tuesday, October 6, 2009

why hello fall!
it was quite the busy end to summer here... last month we did our first all weekend event at rhythm and roots in bristol tn and va. it was an amazing time.. we were lucky to have our booth near the main stage, so in between selling out of almost everything we got to really enjoy the sweet sounds of some great music.... sam quinn and japan ten, cutthroat shamrock, dr dog, etc...
so at the end of the weekend we were left with almost no inventory.. which is wonderful! but also means i've been super busy sewing up a whole new store.. hence the absence from here...

with fall comes a whole new approach to ideas.. ive been into felt and wool at the moment.. and looking forward to adding the new line piece by piece on etsy. its also nice to see what other shops are doing too... which can be dangerous at times, in that i hit that 'purchase' button a little more than i should. but whatever.. its supporting other handmade artisans.. so i can reason it a whole lot better.

anyhoo.. enjoy the weather and be sure and check out all that etsy has to offer!

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