Tuesday, June 5, 2012

:: blue plum ::

Well folks, my three day festival weekend is over. It was a wild and good time. A little rundown of the good and bad ...
The positives: we finally got the setup just right, met many lovely people, had a great location, got a little plug on the local tv station, the kids had a blast helping, lots of positive feeback, heard some lovely music, had some sweet neighbors,  and business was pretty snazzy. 
The negatives: a super crazy downpour that caused half of my merchandise and all of my family to get soaked (luckily we lived close and have a dryer) , on saturday we had a fantastic band play beside us -- but their crowd wasn't too kind -- they chose to dance in my tent and move my merchandise so they could see the act, essentially causing me to close up shop early.

As far as the negatives go you can't really blame mother nature, and when working a festival where booze can be consumed all day you have to expect some rowdiness to come in the evenings. I think the negatives are so small in comparison to all the crazy good fortune I had this weekend .. it's got me feeling good about sewing again, which is super de duper nice.

Now some photos.. enjoy!


  1. You've totally included all of the best pictures. Aside from the one I took of you smiling back in our area behind the booth. But that was expected. Also, a very nice synopsis of how it all went down. Keepin the vibes positive! Go team S&D!!!

    -The Dirty to your Sweet

  2. you know i don't like pictures of myself silly :)

  3. How'd the stuffed animals do??? They look adorable!

    I hate I didn't get to make it, but Sarah got sick and so the babies needed tending. But it looks lovely!!

  4. No worries dear! hope Sarah is feeling better!
    the stuffed animals actually did really well .. i wish i had made more of them! (harvey and ruby managed to snatch one for themselves too)