Wednesday, January 25, 2012

and finally... we have a home...

Well folks, after a long and frustrating hunt we found us a place to call home for the long haul.
After many a dissapointment we stumbled upon the perfect house.. a super old craftsman in a lovely little sidewalked neighborhood.  The kids were ecstatic to be done looking for a house... see photos below for how they handled the hunting process:

The whole family is excited about the house... Dave has plans to "braverman" our back yard, Ruby can't wait to get in her "cool new room" (that's all she says, I swear), and Harvey was so comfortable in the place upon setting foot in it he pooped up his diaper (this is a true sign of a success... because he only does that in a place he feels comfy). I'm looking forward to being settled... we've been slightly nomadic lately, so this will be a wonderful feeling.
I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as we get in there.

In the meantime all my sewing is on hold.. but I've got lots of new ideas I can't wait to share soon about where the shop is headed. Lets just say it includes making my own fabric... can't wait.

happy week all!

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