Wednesday, May 25, 2011

we won a grill.

okay so this is just me being excited...
but first, for the record, dave and i never ever ever win anything... we've played the lottery (because who hasn't dreamed of being debt free?), we've entered info on our target receipts (i really want $5000 in that store - for real), and on and on... now granted those are rather slim pickins on winning.. but still, you get the point.
but yesterday we won a contest we entered... which is totally due to the fact ruby has the cutest face ever (i'm her momma so of course i think she does). all you had to do was send in a photo of the person who does the grilling in your house - so we sent in the photo below.... and cha-ching! dave is over the moon ... he is afterall the grillmaster in our neck of the woods :)  thanks earthfare and ruby!

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