Wednesday, May 18, 2011

thus far on a wednesday...

so far today has been the longest day imaginable...
it probably has something to do with my varying wake up calls ...
the first being at 2:30am.. which ended by 3am.. so back to bed until 6am... and since then i've been up and at em'. thank you harvey.

the cruel part to this whole bit is that harvey peacefully goes back to sleep for 2 1/2hours... and ruby, having woke up due to harvey's cries at 6am ( i keep stressing the a.m. part), is not sleepy one bit. eventually she gives in to the whole "i'm up way too early" thing.. so for an hour, i had time to myself.

i chose to drink coffee, eat a bagel, and indulge in my super guilty pleasure of watching last nights episode of Glee. my husband laughs a little at my liking of it, and to that i say i laugh a little at myself too. anyhoo.. it was a good hour.

oh and aside from watching glee i have (and currently am) been sewing.
two teasers... and pardon the bad light and fuzzy pictures please... it has been so rainy and overcast around here lately that i have absolutely no ability to take a decent picture. so the shop won't see these til later this week - word on the street - sunshine tomorrow!

alright folks... that's all she wrote :)

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