Wednesday, February 9, 2011

empty shelves and new fabric....

it's getting a little bare at my house... lots of packing and not so much making.. but thus is life...

my sweet little built in that i will miss so dearly is almost empty with the exception of some odds and ends and my husband's kangaroo - it holds all his day to day items - and was found at an antique store in Boone, NC - a must have for my 'Pulp Fiction' loving man.
i have never moved with children.. but i have found that diaper boxes are a dream come true for such an occasion. At least that helps ease the cost of them a little.

This past week we officially got our house on the market.... which is a little scary.. but exciting. I've never sold a house so I am crossing my fingers on this experience and hoping for a smooth ride.
Our days are numbered in this little nook of Tennessee.... only 3 more weeks til we bid adieu to the area i have lived in my entire life and head on down the road (it's only 2 hours away). Even though it isn't all that far , I am looking forward to the change it will bring to us.

I've been doing some searching online and found there is a wonderful community of ETSY sellers who meet monthly where we will be living - so that has me super excited. I have noone nearby who does that sort of thing.. and my husband and I have always joked that our neighbors are probably always trying to figure out what it is that we do - because from time to time i pack up my car with my Sweet and Dirty's set-up and peddle away - this always involves many random pieces of vintage display furniture (dumpster diver extraordinaire right here). So it will be nice to have others around :)

Speaking in terms of making - i've got a long list of custom orders that are at my feet, which i love... and i bought some new to me fabric this weekend - that translates into new bags for the shop! I spent the other day printing up more tags, since i had dwindled down on my last batch...

I've got plans to spend the rest of this week sewing when i can... photo it up this weekend... and then present some springtime goodness to the shop starting monday morning.

in other news harvey loves ruby - - -
and ruby loves my new fabric - so much so that she napped in it....

happy wednesday everyone...


  1. I'm so excited for ya'll and your move! (I'm headed out to my new home this weekend!)
    Hope the house sales super fast and the move is as easy as sweet tea and front porch sittin' (smile)


  2. thanks sweetie! we are pretty darn excited ourselves :)
    good luck to you too!
    and you have made me thirsty for a Pal's tea now...