Friday, January 28, 2011

dr. enuf, bacon, sewing, and oh moving....

happy friday. it seems like it took it so long to arrive ~
it's been a week of busy.. in so many different ways. the beginning of the week was spent calling close friends and family, breaking the news of our soon to be here departure... followed by cleaning out random drawers and discarding unnecessary crap (because who really needs a whole bunch of old computer floppy discs - darth vader pez dispenser, you can stay). house hunting (which i love by the way), looking for a neighborhood we can afford to rent in, because buying a house ain't happening for a bit... and always finding the best deals in places i might not want to be home alone in. figures. my poor husband, having to get everyone at his work on board for his transfer, and as one would figure there is always one person who likes to cause difficulties about it - however she isn't the boss, so ha!
in the midst of all this i have been making pancakes on heavy rotation and peeling oranges like a mad woman - for the moment ruby is obsessed with both... introducing harvey to the wonderful world of mashed up bananas and pears.. and making sure to get my ron swanson fix. ( if you don't watch it, parks and rec... hilarious! '' you had me at meat tornado'' - love)  
oh and of course i have been sewing. the latest edition - mini bags!  because there are those out there who do not need a large bag ( not me ) or need to downsize for special occasions ( these aren't fancy lady dinner party bags - more like "im going to see some wonderful outdoor music" kind of bags - yay!)
here is the first of many - - -
and here is what was happening under my feet....

a little bacon eating beauty -- i tend to have to crop pictures because she can usually be seen running underneath all my photos... and in time i'm sure that will become a two headed ruby/harvey blur.
well i best be getting to the rest of my day and finishing up this wonderful  Dr. Enuf  ( best little drink ever - and it's made 10 miles from my house - heaven - i might have to stock up on this stuff before i move.. hmm).

happy weekend all !


  1. So basically, sewing bacon and dr. enuf are my favorite things ever.(plus picture taking and thrifting)
    I have Dr. Enuf shipped to me, it is pretty reasonable and all the bottles look so pretty and green lined up in the fridge!



  2. it's like my husband says - us southern girls know where it's at - love of bacon, sewing and dr enuf ( and the ability to forgive all rude comments if you add a "well bless their heart")

    and yay on shipping~ that makes me uber happy!