Thursday, December 10, 2009 how time keeps flying...
ive been so busy lately that i suddenly look around and its christmas goodness.
well this past weekend was the Big Crafty in Asheville.. which was a wonderful time full of many a talent. i was super lucky to have a table beside a wonderful etsy shop... Flytrap. ( its always so inspiring to go and see what others are making.. being surrounded by so many inspiring artisans.

leading up to the big crafty i went sewing mad...making about 33 new items in 3 days. which has led to what i believe is a pulled muscle along my sewing shoulder and a severely sore back... i just couldnt stop myself. so if anything i have a bunch of new things i will be posting, also ive discovered that i am getting older, and that possibly i need to really take up that long needed yoga that i keep talking about :)

in etsy shop news.. the bloom pins can now be bought in cheap-o batch orders... 3 for 35 or 5 for 50... and everything shipped domestically comes to you free... i love a deal. and if you love a deal too you should send me your email to and i can add your name to my mailing list of goodies. all of this is my new attempt to branch out in a greater fashion!

but i will leave it at this... ive got some dinner to make.. a pot of hot coffee to drink...and a husband and little lady to hang with. (with a fire burning to boot!)


  1. Excellent booth! I would stop there and buy lots of goodies! How did you do? Was it a good turn-out? I'll be writing about my craft fair today or tomorrow...hopefully. :)

    Good luck with branching out and all of your holiday sales! Flytrap is a very cute shoppe too, thank you for sharing!

  2. thanks! we keep tweaking it all the time, i think here in about 5 years i might have it exactly how i want it! the fair went really well.. so many people out, but since it was christmas there were a lot of people looking for specifics.
    i hope yours went well.. im heading over to read about it now!