Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oh the joys of new parenting! at the moment our production of items has slowed down a little bit, because we are trying to balance a newborn and making things....which is slightly hectic.

i think i may possibly be tired of the fabric i have at the come monday i am going scouting for some new fabrics...i tend to lean towards anything that is one of a kind, or at least so out of date that there isnt much chance in anyone having that same material... case in point, most of the bags ive made thus far.

but i think monday is going to be a good motivator to get cranking on some new things. besides we have decided to set up at the Blue Plum festival this that means a lot of inventory needs to be ready. It has us both really excited though, because it will be the first time these things have made their way to a festival....and hopefully it wont be the last. ive also got my future sister-in-law, heather, using us as an internship..which is going to be really great. it will be nice having some input...and she has some great ideas for promoting our little endeavor.

basically there is a lot going on..and i am really looking forward to where it is all going to i will be sure and keep posting it on here... (i promise these will eventually sound not so all over the place)


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